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Digico consist a team which have big dreams for you!

Welcome, we are the team behind the brands of tomorrow. Our agency is a digital creative agency with a 9-strong team of designers, developers, strategists in Istanbul. We always solve your problems and if you want, we will bring your brand to life digitally. Digico was created as a one-stop solution for your digital brands. We can bring together a dazzling innovation for your digital brand.

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we combine a wide range of digital marketing techniques and tactics with data analytics and product/service improvement for maximum efficiency.



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We always try to implement our creative ideas at the highest level. You can see it by looking at our portfolio.

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Graphic Designer, Web


Graphic Designer, Web, Mobil


Graphic Designer


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28 +

Active Brand

354 +

Successful Projects
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Why choose us

After gaining unique experiences in Turkey's important brands for years, we realized that other companies could not get efficiency from the services they received from outside. We have seen that agencies providing services from outside have difficulty in understanding the spirit and dynamics of the brand, remain unfamiliar with the brand's story, and cannot be successful because of these reasons.

As Digico, we have built our entire team and business structure on the following foundations on this path we set out to create value for you:

  • Our customer's story is our story.

  • Your job is our job too! The value you create while doing your job is also our value. The most important thing is that we will not forget this vision while making fair pricing.

  • We stand behind everything we do with our customer satisfaction-oriented working structure. As a byte, we only have "we" instead of "you and me" in our dictionary.