About Us


Digico was founded in 2020 by a creative director and a invester with a mission to produce opportunities for talented individuals in their creative community. By recognizing and respecting each player’s unique talent, they fostered collaborations by bringing different creatives together to create something essentially new. Digico is an independent creative agency born in İstanbul. At Digico we value strength in diversity, bringing together people with different perspectives and an innate habit of seeing things differently. As a boutique agency, we are able to find solutions for local and international brands and strike fast in an increasingly complex world whilst creating collaborative opportunities for talent near and far. It provides end-to-end services to its customers from logo to website, from corporate identity to digital marketing management. Our customers experience the comfort of receiving many services from the same place with the motto of "one brand, one agency experience", unlike the structure that causes tiring and time loss due to the fact that they are purchased from different agencies.




We design new brands by creating unique identities. We explore consumption habits and explore various communication opportunities, bringing a global strategic vision to the brand universe. BRAND STRATEGY / COMMUNICATION / VISUAL DESIGN / BRAND NAMING / PACKAGING / ADVERTISING / STORYTELLING / REPUTATION



We create diverse, flexible, and complete digital communication strategies. From the latest web marketing techniques to digital communication strategies, we add value to our brands according to a subtle, conscious, and innovative visual language. DIGITAL STRATEGY / ECOMMERCE / SOCIAL MEDIA / DIGITAL MARKETING / ONLINE ADVERTISING / SEO / SEM / DIGITAL RETAIL STRATEGY / WEBSITE DESIGN



We strive to make every piece of content powerful and effective. We create stories to disseminate through videos, images, and text built on strategic insights and analysis. We enrich valuable content to increase brand perception and visibility. VIDEOS / PHOTO SHOOTING / MOTION GRAPHICS / COPYWRITING / EDITORIAL / SOCIAL CONTENT / BRAND STORY

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